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🔍 Overview

Quixer is a quick search tool. It combines features inspired by Custom Search Engines, DuckDuckGo "Bangs", and other tools. Quixer adds syncing of customizations across browsers & devices.

DuckDuckGo "Bangs" provide access to a large number of useful services with easy shortcuts - saving a few clicks or keystrokes each time you use them.

Custom Search Engines provide a way for you to create your own shortcuts for similar purposes. You can use them to create bookmark aliases for yourself, search shortcuts for sites you use a lot, quickly compose e-mails, look up IP addresses - just about anything you can think of that can fit into a URL with a dynamic component.

Quixer aims to combine these two concepts, and adds the ability to sync those customizations across any browser and device you use.

The current Quixer release provides:

⚡ Get Started

  1. Set up https://quixer.onl?q=%s as your default custom search engine in your Browser (eg. in Chrome - chrome://settings/searchEngines)
  2. Start searching, for example, try "map nearest restaurant" in your search bar
  3. Click here for more guidance, and to customize your Quixer experience

📑 Terms of Service

You are welcome to do whatever you want with the application as long as it is not illegal.

See the software license here.

Please be nice.

👁️ Privacy Policy

Quixer (quixer.onl) does not share your data with anyone.

Click here to view full privacy policy

💚 Contribution

Contribute Code or New Service Suggestions: https://github.com/chrisputnam9/quixer#readme

Contribute sustenance: